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LWVCC Positions and Bylaws

Where We Stand

The LWVCC positions approved in 2015 are published in Where We Stand - LWVCC 2015. This document also contains an appendix which summarizes the League's history of action.

The positions pertain to:

COUNTY GOVERNMENT - Supports measures that improve the structure and function of Cook County government, including retention of single-member districts, separation of powers, a timely budget process, government transparency, and inter-governmental cooperation.

CRIMINAL JUSTICE - Supports measures that improve adult corrections and the criminal courts, increase and improve diversion programs, and improve judicial sentencing and oversight of correctional facilities.

HEALTH CARE - Supports measures that provide public health facilities that are accessible to those who need services, and provides for citizen input in planning for health care with emphasis on cost containment and consumer involvement.

JUVENILE JUSTICE - Supports a separate juvenile justice system that protects the rights of all without discrimination; has the necessary staffing, programs and community support to be effective; is accessible; and provides for the secure detention of juveniles when necessary.

TOWNSHIP SCHOOL SYSTEM - Supports abolishment of the township school treasurers and trustees system within Cook County.

The LWVCC may also take action based on the positions of the League of Women Voters (national) or League of Women Voters of Illinois

LWVCC Bylaws

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