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LWVCC Interest Groups

LWVCC Interest Groups

LWVCC has many opportunities for local league members to become involved with the Cook County League. Interest Groups are a great way to learn more about Cook County and how government operates. At the present time there are three Interest Groups and all welcome new members. LWVCC also has an active Voter Service Committee that welcomes participation from local league members.

LWVCC Health and Hospital Systems Interest Group

How effective are our Cook County government health and hospital services? If you have been wondering about this, here is an opportunity for you.

The Cook County Health and Hospital Systems (CCHHS) Interest Group of LWVCC explores ongoing issues including:
-Quality of services at Stroger and Provident Hospitals
-Staffing including nursing shortages
-Medicaid enrollment and re-enrollment
-Outsourcing of services
- Updating the Medical Center campus
-Operations of the Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs)

Interest Group members observe and report on the monthly meetings of the 10-member volunteer Cook County Health and Hospital Services board as well as the board committee meetings. The group also has bimonthly meetings for discussion of the issues. Further information on CCHHS can be found at their website

To learn more, please contact Linda Christianson at

LWVCC Criminal Justice Interest Group

The Interest Group focusing on Criminal Justice in Cook County began in the summer of 2014. The focus for the first year has been on the Pre-Trial Services within the system.

The Interest Group is open to any local league members in Cook County interested in any of the following issues:

-Overcrowding in the Cook County Jail
-Equal Justice within the system
-Mental Health Issues within the Criminal Justice System
-Diversion Programs
-Pre-trial Screening and Assessment
-Bond Courts
-Any other issues that come up

Meetings are held monthly to discuss the information that has been gathered by interviewing the stakeholders within the system.

To learn more please contact: Jan Goldberg at or Karin Hribar at

LWVCC Budget and Structure Interest Group

The Budget and Structure Interest Group focuses on the budget process and how Cook County government works through observation and interaction with the elected officials within Cook County.

Some of the areas the Interest Group has focused on.

-Board Rules of Operation
-Transparency of board operations
-Board Committees - what do they do and are they necessary.
-Organization of the government
-Observation of the Budget Process and Budget Hearings

Meetings are held as needed for the committee to discuss and plan. Communication with elected officials is through emails, letters and meetings as needed.

To learn more please contact Pris Mims at